03 February 2012

Night Shots

These ended up having a fantasy tinge to them.

Set Photo

Took this on the set of a commercial I was shooting. It's of our actress Hannah Lala Schollhammer awaiting a touch up. 

18 August 2011

Wisconsin in the summer of 10

Unearthed an old unscanned roll of high con film from a trip to Wisconsin for a wedding. These were all shot on the farm I grew up on. The house is an old house that is falling down that my mom uses to refinish furniture and listen to records. It is even more terrifying in person and the basement is where 90 percent of all your nightmares take place. 

New York Naivete pt. 1

I was in New York for approximately 36 hours and it was somewhere I have always wanted to visit. I was there for a shoot which was 12 hours of my time plus travel from the hotel and equipment returns. I stayed up all night before my flight out to see the city and take pictures. These are the results. 

None of the images were photoshopped although one may have been cropped and are posted as scanned. I had no light meter either. 

New York Naivete pt. 2

Photos of Friends

These are from a trip to New York in June '11 and a trip to Minneapolis in August '10.

16 December 2010

Shoes on Sidewalk

Its been awhile since I've been to a lab to get photos developed so I tried one with my cell phone.